Thursday, July 15, 2010

With all the generally negative comments about muscular women, any mainstream indication that some of us like it is worth pointing out. I give you this recent ad by T-Mobile, look for the Nikki Fuller appearance at the end.

One of my older posts was about a commercial for, showing how their service brings joy to a guy who just loves chicks with swords.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

first unnamed post

I know you can't tell it by looking at most of my photos or videos, but one of my goals is to present athletic women in a positive way. So when I see articles like this it makes me cringe:

Bodybuilder arrested in husband's murder:

MOYOCK, N.C. — Authorities in the northeastern section of our state arrested a female bodybuilder whom they say murdered her husband in their Currituck County Home.

Officers arrested Lateisha Jandreau, 38, on Saturday. According to authorities, they found her 51-year-old husband’s body hidden in the couple’s garage, who also happened to be a former Navy Master Chief. Family members say that the couple had been married for eight years but were having marital problems.

Jandreau won a state bodybuilding championship last month. She is being held in jail without bond.

Other articles indicate she was also a kick boxer and she beat her husband to death. Nice.

In a story gaining some national attention, a boy named Kyron Horman has gone missing and attention is starting to focus on his step mother. Terri Horman Used to Be a Bodybuilder:
These photos are truly shocking.

The fact that she was a bodybuilder is cast out there by the national media as another piece of evidence proving her guilt.

I plan for this blog to replace the misguided string of notes on my homepage, so here is a link to a more positive story I mentioned in 2007. Woman, 62, Tackles, Captures Armed Robbery Suspect:
Former body-building champion, Iris Davis, was working at All Space Storage in Cocoa, Fla., when she noticed one of the men running from officers.She tackled one of the men and held him on the ground until police could catch up and make the arrest, Local 6 News reported."I stood there and I thought, I can't let this guy get away," Davis said. "There were like 10 police cars following him."
Today's YouTube upload: